Early this January, my roommates and I booked a post-grad trip to Asia. I’ve dreamed of visiting various parts of Asia my entire life, and I couldn’t be more excited to be finally going for a month with my best friends. Our plan was to take off to Tokyo, Japan a few days after graduation. From there, we would spend a week in South Korea (where two of my roommates happen to be from and/or have family who still live there). Next, we would explore South East Asia by going to Vietnam and finally Thailand where we would fly back out. Let me also mention my family has a separate trip planned mid-summer to Italy for two weeks (you could say I feel like I have pretty bad luck).

I have no idea if/how/when my travel plans will change, but I am most certainly monitoring the spread of this virus as my trips approach.

Let me start this post off by first saying: I AM NOT A HEALTH CARE EXPERT. However, I am an expert on being afraid of the infamous coronavirus epidemic going on right now. It is for both of these reasons that I have turned to research conducted by those who ARE experts in pathology.

I think I’ve heard just about every explanation possible of the virus, its treatment and how it spreads. What is most important, above all else, is for us all to remain aware but calm. Often times, we impulse react to things we do not know or understand, and this leads to panic which leads to chaos.   It is for this reason it is so important to learn what you can about what scares you- and for a lot of people right now, that’s the coronavirus.

MYTH #1: if you contract coronavirus, you’re going to die

As of now, there is only a 3.4% fatality rate. 18% of those deaths are those who are already in critical condition/poor health. The Flu also kills people. Think about it this way: if you heard there were a slew of people in your town who had the flu, wouldn’t you be taking some precautions?

MYTH #2: coronavirus is the most dangerous virus.

While the virus is rampant right now, others such as the Ebola virus are much more deadly.

MYTH #3: You cannot recover from Coronavirus

MYTH #4: wearing a mask protects you from the virus

Not really. If someone was to sneeze or cough into your nose/mouth, this mask will not protect anything- the water droplets will simply go through. While there are special masks for health care providers, the regular-old mask you’re thinking of does not do much other than keep your hands directly off of your nose and mouth (which is good!).

MYTH #5: only the elderly are affected

Also false- the virus especially affects those with compromised immune systems-, which often is the elderly. This is why we have heard so many cases of elderly folks dying from the virus. However, anyone can contract the coronavirus.

MYTH #6: Antibiotics treat coronavirus

Antibiotics are only effective in treating bacterial infections. If you’ve heard of antibiotics “treating” or “curing” coronavirus, it’s likely because that patient developed a bacterial infection such as pneumonia, which can be treated with antibiotics.

MYTH #7: Your package from China will give you coronavirus

Packages travel a long way from China to the United States, and therefore take a long time to get to the destination. Research shows the virus cannot live long simply on objects.

So those are just a few major myths I had heard circulating. If you want more information, I’d recommend checking out:

Above all else, the coronavirus is not an excuse for racism or xenophobia against China, or any other countries that are majorly affected. The CDC has stated that those of Asian decent are no more likely to contract the virus than other races. The disease could have just as easily started in the US as it did in China. This could be a whole other blog, but I think Sabrina Lee from the Daily Illini sums it up best.

Art of the day:  So I know I just said surgical masks can’t prevent coronavirus, but I have recently been seeing masks as a fashion statement piece. I’m a huge Off-White fan, and I think this mask would be a dope accessory to an outfit. It adds an element of mystery, and also keeps your hands off your nose and mouth while wearing it. It doesn’t directly say Off-White, so you’re not THAT much of a try hard, but anyone who knows fashion will know this logo.


  1. This is great. I am an anxious person by nature so I have defiantly not been that calm. I too have to look to facts and information to feel better about the situation. This is a great collection of the info and not just scaring people! Thanks for writing.

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