Last week, I got news that my friend died. And I will never forget how it felt to have my heart slowly sink like an anchor falling to the bottom of the ocean . . . read more here

As we all know, COVID-19 is having a huge impact on  small businesses right now. . . read more here

So, I’m back from my little hiatus from blogging.  I was on vacation, and then well, everything went to shit around the world once I got back . . . read more here

I realized after my last blog post that while I did address the myths of coronavirus and the fact that there is no need for panic and chaos to ensue, I didn’t really say anything helpful to you (other than reasons to not freak out).. . read more here

Early this January, my roommates and I booked a post-grad trip to Asia. . . read more here

Just like music and visual art, fashion has always played a key role in my life. I grew up playing dress-up, putting together some definitely *innovative* outfits . . . read more here

As a kid, I was absolutely obsessed with Toy Story. . . read more here

Disclaimer: If you haven’t seen the movie yet- stop reading now, and go rent it. Watch it in Korean, with subtitles if you don’t know the language . . . read more here

The other day I was watching Kylie Jenner’s Instagram story. . . read more here   

CONTENT WARNING: interpersonal violence, gender-based violence . . . read more here

Break ups suck.  If you haven’t been through one yet, you will, and it will suck. . . read more here

For as long as I could hold a Crayola washable marker I’ve been creating art in some way, shape or form . . . read more here

I am well aware of the fact that it’s early February, and the time for clean slates and resolutions has already passed- but, I still feel like talking about goals here, so that’s what I’m gonna do . . . read more here

I am a firm believer that a person’s “people” are a direct reflection on the person themselves . . . read more here

To be completely honest, I have no idea where this blog is headed . . . read more here